Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lance & Laser Reorganizes Product Catalog

I have just re-organized all of the Lance & Laser products so similar products are grouped together. The new product selections are as follows:

Historical Minis - Human miniatures that are armed and armored in bronze to early iron age equipment.

Bob Olley's Dwarf World - Bob Olley sculpted townsfolk, pirates and adventuring dwarfs.

Dragons & Dragonkin - All sorts of dragons and draginkin such as Wyverns, dragon men and traditional dragons

Fantasy Monsters - A wide variety of good and evil creatures that are great for RPG gamers.

High Fantasy Character & PC's - Traditional RPG miniatures.

Prehistoric Mammals - A selection of Ice Age mammals.

Sci Fi & Post Apocalypse Minis - High tech Anime to dark post apoc designs.

SteamPunk - The name says it all!

Undead & Skeletal Remains - Our most popular skeletal remains such as the impaled victim to the Noesferatu Vampire and all things that go bump in the night.

Undersea Creatures - Giant beast from the deep to fay water creatures.

Lance & Laser Miniatures 

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